Volunteers are an integral part of the success of the Silly Boat Regatta – we couldn’t do it without them. Our heartfelt thanks to all our committed volunteers for helping in “Opening Doors” to children in our community!

We have been volunteering for The Silly Boat Regatta for a few years now, and love seeing the smiling faces of all the people attending & participating this fantastic community-driven event. We have used the CDC in the past for our son, and recognize the tremendous support they provide to families right here in Nanaimo. It’s truly a pleasure to lend a hand at their events and it’s something we look forward to every year. It gives us a great deal of satisfaction in knowing we are making a brighter future for all the families supported by the CDC.

– Glen Husband

Thank you to the NCDC for allowing me to volunteer in all the different areas of the Silly Boat Regatta…the unconditional fundraising from sponsors and community spirit in helping all the families is top notch!

– Nettley Mark

Shawn Thomas has been involved with the Nanaimo CDC and the Silly Boat Regatta for many years. Originally forming a team (Long Lake Chiropractic) with some of the most inventive boats we’ve seen through the years (a spinal column, a giraffe, and an event favourite – Finding Dory), Shawn led the way with his staff, clients and friends, often winning the coveted “Top Corporate Donors” at Silly Boat. More recently, Shawn has volunteered at the event (and many other fundraising events hosted by the NCDC) and in 2023 joined the Silly Boat organizing committee. Never one to do it alone, he, his wife, children, and staff can often be seen by his side!

– Shawn Thomas

One of the highlights of my summer every year is Silly Boats. When I first arrived in Nanaimo, I was told I had to see it. Dozens of community groups, building their own boats and raising money for the Nanaimo Child Development Centre. What a fantastic event! I started volunteering after a friend who worked at the CDC knew I couldn’t say ‘No’ to helping a local organization. I know people that work at the CDC. And I know people who have been helped by the CDC. It’s an organization I’m more than happy to help. Whether it’s wrapping gifts at  Christmas, which one day maybe they will let me do. Or emceeing the Silly Boats. I can’t say No.

Many thanks to Pam, Cathy and Nettley for handling the Team & Volunteer Registration and assignments! Their efforts ensure that teams and volunteers get to where they need to be and keep things running smoothly!

We are so grateful for the partnership with the Nanaimo Kinsmen Club who volunteer so many hours at the event each year!

Teams and spectators alike benefit from the wonderful support of the Tidesmen Chorus. Many thanks for entertaining all who attended by sharing their incredible voices!
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