Silly Boat Regatta Countdown

Race Results

2017 Results

Heat 1:

Heat Sponsor: Coast Capital Savings
Team/Organization Name Heat #1 Times
Nanaimo Yacht Club 2:24:00
Palace Hotel (Palace Pirates) First to Sink
Mercedes Benz (Team Mercedes) 3:24:00
Casino Nanaimo (Casino Nanaimo Proud) 6:02:00


Heat 2:

Heat Sponsor:  Real Estate Webmasters
Team/Organization Name Heat #2 Times
Bathtub Society Loyal Nanaimo (Loyal Tubbers) 2:39:00
McDonalds Restaurant (Team McDonalds) 2:27:00
Acklands Grainger Sunk
Wood Family (RestAcon Rebels) 4:17:00


Heat 3:

Heat Sponsor: VIU Students Union
Team/Organization Name Heat #3 Times
Young Professionals of Nanaimo Sunk
Superette Foods (Team Superette) 2:01:00
Thrifty Foods (Team Thrifty's) 4:09:00
Quality Foods (Team Quality Foods) 1:59:00
Real Canadian Superstore (The Decadent Sailors) 3:25:00
Nanaimo Association for Community Living (Team NACL!) 3:25:00


Heat 4:

Heat Sponsor: Budget Blinds
Team/Organization Name Heat #4 Times
Shaw TV 5:40:00
Long Lake Chiropractic & The Well Pub (Straight Up Canadian) 4:16:00
Moksha Yoga Nanaimo (Moksha Yoga Nanaimo & Island Optimal Health & Performance ) Sunk
CBI Health Centre (CB "Aye" Pirates) 3:50:28
Nanaimo U-Lock Mini Storage 2:57:09
Nanaimo Child Development Centre (50 and Fabulous) 2:05:00


Heat 5:

Heat Sponsor: Panago
Team/Organization Name Heat #5 Times
Turnbull Family & Friends (HodgePodge) 4:20:00
RBC Royal Bank of Canada (The Digital Navigators) 5:04:00
Coast Capital Savings 5:06:00
TD Canada Trust (TD Green Machine) 2:10:00
The Wave and The Wolf (Wave/Wolf) 3:33:00


Heat 6:

Heat Sponsor: Western Maritime Institute
Team/Organization Name Heat #6 Times
Habitat for Humanity (RESTORE RECYCLERS) Sunk
Protection Island Lions Club (Soggy Bottoms 4 Kids) 2:09:00
Nanaimo Filipino Canadian Association (NAFCA) 4:58:00
Regional District of Nanaimo (The Gov Boat) 3:28:00


Heat 7:

Heat Sponsor: Huong Lan Restaurant
Team/Organization Name Heat #7 Times
Women in Construction 3:50:00
VIU Students' Union 3:07:00
Starbucks Port Place 3:17:00
Real Estate Webmasters 2:11:00
Alair Homes (Beware of Alair!) 1:52:00


Grand Champion Heat:

Heat Sponsor: Coast Capital Savings
Team/Organization Name Grand Champ Race Placing
Mcdonalds Restaurant 1st
Nanaimo Child Development Centre 2nd
Quality Foods 3rd
Nanaimo Yacht Club 4th
Alair Homes 5th
Protection Island Lions Club 6th
TD Canada Trust 7th