Silly Boat Regatta Countdown

Race Results

2018 Results

Heat 1:

Heat Sponsor: Real Estate Webmaster
Team/Organization Name Heat #1 Times
VIP Me VI (VIPME!VI) 6:00:00
Steve Marshall Ford (Marshall Law) First to Sink
Sonshine Girls Painting 5:26:00
U-Lock Mini Storage (Storeaways) 2:57:21


Heat 2:

Heat Sponsor: Telus
Team/Organization Name Heat #2 Times
Loyal Nanaimo Bathtub Society (Swashbucklers) 3:43:35
McDonalds Restaurant (Team McDonalds) 5:00:00
JD Plumbing & Gas/Shear Agony (Fades and Faucets) 4:22:18
Slegg Building Materials (Slegg Titans) 4:51:00
Starbucks Port Place (Team Starbucks) 5:41:00


Heat 3:

Heat Sponsor: Long Lake Chiropractic
Team/Organization Name Heat #3 Times
Superette Foods (Superette Silly Salers) 2:16:09
Thrifty Foods (Team Thrifty's) 8:05:38
Real Canadian Superstore (RCSS Superstore) 5:24:00
Nanaimo Association for Community Living (Team NACL!) 3:27:22


Heat 4:

Heat Sponsor: Alair Homes
Team/Organization Name Heat #4 Times
Palace Hotel (Palace Pirates) 7:13:10
Landlubber Pub 4:53:00
Carlos O'Bryan's (Carlos O'Bryan's Neighborhood Pub) 4:17:07
The Globe (Global Pirates) 10:52:18
Milton Street Public House SUNK


Heat 5:

Heat Sponsor: VIU Student Union
Team/Organization Name Heat #5 Times
CBI Health Centre (CB 'Aye' Pirates) 4:52:12
RBC Royal Bank of Canada (RBC Collective Ambition) 7:49:32
Nanaimo Child Development Centre (CDC Silly Sailors) 3:41:47
Coast Bastion 1 (Bastion Bees) 5:46:00
The Wave and The Wolf (Team Wave/Wolf) 9:10:00


Heat 6:

Heat Sponsor: Western Maritime Institute
Team/Organization Name Heat #6 Times
BC Ferry & Marine Workers Union (BCF MWU) 6:00:50
Protection Island Lions Club (Soggy Bottoms 4 Kids) 3:42:14
Nanaimo Filipino Canadian Association (NAFCA) 2:46:04
Regional District of Nanaimo (The RDN - Jurassic Ark) 3:18:44


Heat 7:

Heat Sponsor: Alkan Air
Team/Organization Name Heat #7 Times
Generations Church 3:01:52
Sands Funeral Chapel 7:57:10
Real Estate Webmasters (REWbix Cube) 8:28:00
Alair Homes (Beaware of Alair!) 2:31:30


Grand Champion Heat:

Heat Sponsor: Splitsville
Team/Organization Name Grand Champ Race Placing
U-Lock Storeaway 1st
Swashbucklers- Loyal Bathtub Society 2nd
Superette Food 3rd
Globe Pirates 4th
CDC Care Bears 5th
Nanaimo Canadian Filipino Assc 6th
Alair Homes 7th