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Child Development Centre Mission Statement

Promoting optimum child development by serving children with developmental needs and their families.

Child Development Centre Philosophy Statement

Services provided by the Child Development Centre are based on the philosophy that children have the right to quality services which facilitate their optimum development and that early recognition and prompt intervention can enhance a child’s ability. In family centered programs, all policies and practices are based on an underlying set of principles regarding our relationships with families:

  1. Recognizes that families are the center of children’s lives. This includes not only the child and his/her primary caregiver, but all significant people involved in caring for the child.
  2. Respects family composition and their values, beliefs, racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
  3. All family members are included and treated with respect. Programs are welcoming, non-judgmental, and confidential, fostering independence by respecting family choices.
  4. The partnership between the family and service provider is at the heart of family centered practice.
  5. Efforts are made to build inclusiveness and to welcome all family members as partners in the program.
  6. Family goals and needs become the stimulus for program design and practice. This promotes close collaborations with other community agencies so that a broad array of comprehensive services are available.
  7. Encourages and facilitates family to family support and networking.
  8. Recognizes that each family is unique with individual strengths and competencies.

Quick Facts about the Child Development Centre

  • The CDC has been serving children, families and the community since 1967.
  • The CDC is funded by the Ministry of Children and Families, Service Groups and by private businesses and people in our community.
  • The CDC was able to assist nearly 1800 families last year
  • The programs at CDC include: Early Childhood Education, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Language Therapy, Infant Development Program, Supported Child Development Program, Family Support Program, Family Development Program, and the Complex Developmental & Behavioural Conditions Program.
  • We also have on site a fee-for-service Preschool Program!
  • CDC provides individual programs and services to children from birth to 19 years.
  • CDC recognizes that each child and their families have unique and diverse needs. They are committed to continually improving and enhancing their programs and services to meet those needs.

The Child Development Centre is guided by the principles of Family Centre Care.

That means:

  • We listen to parents - they know their child best.
  • We believe that parents are the most important influence in their child's life.
  • We assist families in making informed choices.
  • We help families connect and support each other.
  • We recognize that each family is unique and that their differences and choices must be respected.
  • We appreciate the needs of all family members.
  • We work as a team with you and the important people in your child's life.