Silly Boat Regatta Countdown


In 1984, CHUB Radio organized a fun-filled event to assist the Show You Care Society, a Vancouver-based charity that provided financial aid to children and families needing to travel to the United States to access kidney transplants. When those operations became available locally the Society closed down. CHUB Radio decided to continue with the event and selected the Nanaimo Child Development Centre as the recipient of the funds raised. In 1998, the Nanaimo Child Development Centre became the sole organizers of The Silly Boat Regatta and has continued to grow and raise much-needed funds for the Centre every year.

The Silly Boat Regatta is recognized as one of Nanaimo’s premier events with nearly 10,000 participants and spectators and over 200 volunteers. Breaking the $100,000 goal in 2008 and raising over $122,000 in 2013, it is no question this event is the largest community fundraiser for the Nanaimo Child Development Centre with Coast Capital Savings as Presenting Sponsor leading the way. What makes this memorable and free family event successful every year is the staff, volunteers and community members who help make it happen! The funds raised go directly toward helping provide programs and services to children with identified special needs. We presently have a waitlist of over 249 children – waiting up to 6 months for some services (occupational therapy and speech therapy).

Help the Nanaimo Child Development Centre reduce the wait list and bring immediate services to children – mark the Silly Boat Regatta as a must do - being held July 13, 2014!

2013 Silly Boat Regatta Results:

Heat 1 Min/sec
Huong Lan Restaurant 2:03:19
Isagenix 8:21:78
Old Navy 4:03:69
TD Auto Finance 6:25:68
VisionArts Eyecare Centre First to sink 0:25:09
Walmart Canada 9:21:91
Heat 2
All Canada Moving 6:44:00
Costco Wholesale 5:42:68
Island Timberlands 3:42:41
Superette Foods 1:49:10
Western Forest Products 3:42:31
Young Professionals of Nanaimo 4:27:59
Heat 3
Bliss Gowns & Events 4:35:16
Coast Capital Savings 2:50:63
McKee Family & Friends 4:13:81
Nanaimo U Lock Mini Storage 2:36:22
SHAW TV 2:56:15
Heat 4
BC Ferry & Marine Workers Union - Young Workers 3:18:72
Community Living Association BC 2:31:66
Friday Faux 3:26:35
Kiyo Salon & Day Spa 2:06:31
The Wave/The Wolf - Island Radio 3:53:34
Heat 5
ARC Document Solutions 3:54:07
Elite Image 2:41:75
Harris Auto Group 2:52:06
Island Clean 3:20:06
Nanaimo Yacht Club 1:55:85
Quality Foods 2:26:66
Royal Bank of Canada 3:05:56
Heat 6
Fluent Communication 8:17:94
Generations Church 1:46:13
Long Lake Chiropractic 2:59:34
McDonald's Restaurants 4:00:41
Starbucks 2:31:03
Heat 7
Coast Bastion Hotel 8:32:00
Landlubber Pub 1:53:31
Nanaimo Child Development Centre 2:05:78
Oxy Pub & Liquor Store 5:19:03
Palace Hotel 3:46:34
Heat 8
Colliery Dam 5:31:34
Inuktun Services Ltd. 3:24:44
London Drugs - Port Place 6:01:00
Nordia 5:46:78
Racquets Unlimited Soccer Zone 3:36:84
Superstore 2:32:47
Grand Championship
Huong Lan Restaurant 1:42:40
Generations Church 1:43:19
Superette Foods 2:02:12
Landlubber Pub 2:08:28
Nanaimo Yacht Club 2:12:06
Superstore 2:57:00
Nanaimo U Lock Mini Storage 2:59:03
Kiyo Salon & Day Spa Sank!


  1987 1988 1989 1990 1991
First to Finish Peter & Greg Blacker Harewood Mall Woodgrove Centre TIE: CKEG Radio & Happy Homes Insulation Dorchester Hotel
First to Sink Millers Landing Harbour City Lions White Spot NRS Block Bros. Woodgrove Centre
Silliest Boat Nanaimo Dive Club (waterbed) Chamber of Commerce Tourism Nanaimo Rutherford Mall Harmac Engineers
Super Silliest Sailors N/A N/A Nanaimo City Centre Association Nanaimo City Centre Association Coast Bastion Hotel
Most Pledges Woodgrove Centre Harbour Park Mall Nanaimo City Centre Association Nanaimo City Centre Association Nanaimo City Centre Association


  1992 1993 1994 1995 1996
First to Finish Coast Bastion Inn Woodgrove Centre Gray Beverages Woodgrove Centre Coast Bastion Trio
First to Sink Woodgrove Centre CHUB Dorchester Hotel Save the Strait Coast Bastion Explorers
Silliest Boat Blazing Bloomers Harewood Bunny Power Woodgrove Centre Western Supplies The Stone Heads
Super Silliest Sailors Dorchester Hotel Wingren Carpets London Drugs London Drugs Nanaimo Credit Union Vikings
Most Pledges BC Hydro BC Hydro BC Hydro Western Supplies BC Hydro


  1997 1998 1999 2000 2001
First to Finish AC Taxi – “A Sea Taxi” AC Taxi – “A Sea Taxi” Anchorage Marina Team Duct Tape AC Taxi
First to Sink Hong Kong Bank No Sinkers! Hong Kong Bank – Loonie Tunes TD Canada Trust Starbucks - Woodgrove
Silliest Boat   McDonald’s “McRafters” McDonald’s Ronald’s Revenge   Finning Wet Cats
Super Silliest Sailors Nanaimo Credit Union – “Village People” Nanaimo Credit Union “Romans” Fraternal Order of Eagles   Team Duct Tape
Most Pledges - Corporate BC Hydro BC Hydro     BC Ferries
Most Pledges - Family/Community       Schulz Family Schulz Family


  2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
First to Finish Team Duct Tape The Wave/The Wolf BC Hydro TIE: Island Savings & Country Club Mall Nanaimo News Bulletin
First to Sink RMH Teleservices Palace Pirates BC Hydro Pioneers West Marine Great Canadian Casino
Silliest Boat HRDC Noodles Schulz Family Salvation Army Hire A Student Hire A Student
Super Silliest Sailors Dawes Family Dawes Family NRGH Diagnostic Imaging NRGH Diagnostic Imaging Crimson Coast Dance Society
Team Spirit Massy Family Nanaimo Clippers Booster Club VisionArts Eyecare Centre The Keg Bortolotto & Associates
Most Pledges - Corporate McDonald’s Walmart Canem Systems Canem Systems Canem Systems
Most Pledges - Family/Community Schulz Family Child Development Centre Schulz Family West Marine NRGH Medical Imaging


  2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
First to Finish Canem Systems – Canem Lightning Dreamations Video Productions VIEX KrazyKountry Critters VIEX KrazyKountry Critters Child Development Centre
First to Sink Dreamations Video Productions Great Canadian Casino McElhanney Engineers & Surveyors Carmichael Enterprises Royal LePage Realty
Silliest Boat Clay Tree Society VisionArts Eyecare Centre Long Lake Chiropractic Mid Island Co-Op Casino Nanaimo
Super Silliest Sailors Queens Hotel ET Family Church Royal Bank Buccaneer Inn Curves –Glamazons
Silliest Costumes         (New) Swimwear Etc.
Team Spirit RONA - Lantzville RBC –Money Buckets ET Family Church Royal Bank VIU – Child & Youth Care
Most Pledges - Corporate Bortolotto & Associates Slegg Lumber/Lantzville Pub Team Shark Tales Long Lake Chiropractic Long Lake Chiropractic
Most Pledges - Community ET Family Church ET Family Church Nanaimo CDC ET Family Church ET Family Church
Most Pledges - Family Serabi Sailors Rubber Rebels Mommy Mafia Mommy Mafia Manny & Friends
Grand Champion   Kiyo Salon & Day Spa VIEX VIEX Superette Foods


  2012 2013      
First to Finish RBC Huong Lan Restaurant (1:43:41)      
First to Sink Curves - Bowen Rd. Vision Arts Eye Care      
Silliest Boat Old Navy McKee Family      
Super Silliest Sailors Buccaneer Inn Long Lake Chiropractic      
Silliest Costumes Nurse Next Door Generations Church      
Team Spirit J.A. Smith & Associates Old Navy      
Most Pledges - Corporate Long Lake Chiropractic Long Lake Chiropractic - $5476      
Most Pledges - Community ET Family Church Nanaimo Yacht Club - $3670      
Most Pledges - Family Niqi Lalana Mckee Family - $1242      
Grand Champion Buccaneer Inn Huong Lan Restaurant      
L'il Tuck Award (youth with spirit)   Faux Family