Silly Boat Regatta Countdown

Ways to Donate

The Nanaimo Child Development Centre can only continue helping children in our community who have developmental needs and their families through the generous donations of our supporters.

Every donation makes a real difference in the life of a child.

There are numerous ways you can support the Nanaimo Child Development Centre whether you prefer to donate online right now to support a Silly Boat team in particular or the Centre in general or set up a monthly giving plan, or if you prefer to leave a gift of a lifetime in your will or donate an in-kind gift to help us minimize our costs. We at the Nanaimo Child Development Centre and the families we serve appreciate every offer of support.

Find a way to support the Nanaimo Child Development Centre which suits you, and know you are helping in “Opening Doors” to children in our community.

Questions? Please contact Tracy Berg at 250.753.0251 ext. 265 or